Camel Cufflinks - Turquoise
Camel Cufflinks - Turquoise
Camel Cufflinks - Turquoise

Camel Cufflinks - Turquoise

Janys De
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Camels are a reminder of my childhood days in Abu Dhabi. When I was a child, we would see camels on the road from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, where we were surrounded by wild desert shrubs and endless desert. At school, the first essay that I ever wrote was about “The Camel: The ship of the desert!’

Each design has been hand drawn before being digitally realized and handmade.

These cufflinks are round and are branded. Silver plated, 16mm & finished in cabochon.

The cost in this listing is per cufflink pair. Courier within the UAE is Dhs 15.

While extra care has been taken for the finishing of the product, please keep the cufflinks away from water. Use a soft polishing cloth to regain sheen should the color fade over time.

This colour is exclusively available on Tied Up With String.

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If you buy 3 or more cufflink pairs you will get 30 Dhs off and free shipping.