Wax Wraps - Family Set
Wax Wraps - Family Set
Wax Wraps - Family Set

Wax Wraps - Family Set

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Use wax wraps instead of cling film to store and keep food fresh - the original plastic free alternative.  Wrap cut fruit and vegetables, cover a bowl or plate of leftover food, wrap herbs, sandwiches, cheese or snacks.  

Handmade from organic cotton these are a super easy way to start reducing single-use plastic (or aluminium foil).

Wrap, rinse, dry and use again.  With some love and care these wraps can last up to 2 years.

Our Family Set is our best value, plastic-free starter product, with a total of 10 wax wraps: 3 each of small, medium and large wraps, 1 XXL wrap, all inside an organic cotton Reusable Produce Bag


- The Family Set contains 10 wax wraps, packed in a reusable produce bag (made from organic cotton, with a drawstring and wooden bead)

  • 3 small (20 x 20cm)
  • 3 medium (26 x 26cm)
  • 3 large (33 x 33cm)
  • 1 XXL (40 x 50cm)

- 100% organic cotton, organic coconut oil, tree resin and sustainably harvested beeswax

- Use the warmth of your hands to shape the wrap (over a bowl, a plate, around a piece of cut fruit or vegetables)

- Rinse gently by hand using cool water - use a mild detergent only if needed

- Dry, store and use again. And again.  And again!

- Safe for vegetables, fruit, cheese, and dry goods  

- Do no use heat, hot water or leave the wax wraps in the sun 

- Handmade in Thailand